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🎁 想為自己或至愛挑選一份獨特及手工精緻禮物,Loyfar Artisan 錫工藝產品會是你一個很好的選擇。 Looking for a unique craft gift for yourself or your love. Loyfar Artisan Pewter products will be a good choice for you. 🎁 Loyfar Collection 創立 founded by Mr. Anuphab Loyfar in 1996. 使用自然為主題設計, 人手製作出高裝飾性及實用的錫工藝品。 His Passionate Crafts of Nature to create highly decorative & functional works of art in pewter. 本公司是 Loyfar 錫工藝品中國大灣區指定分銷商 。 Our company is the designated authorise distributor of Loyfar Artisan Pewter in Greater Bay Area. 💕 免費為客戶提供禮物咭訊息: 當選取貨品加入購物袋後,可於備註框中加入送禮祝賀詞。 Free Gift Card Message offer to client: When you select a product to add the shopping bag, simply add your free gift message in the remark box. 💕 🎉 會員客戶將獲得額外折扣優惠價格。 We offer extra discount price with our Member Client. 🎉
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