INFORMATION: Product Details & Care 產品資料及保養



產品資料: 錫合金是一種銀白色的軟塑性合金,主要用於製造Loyfar Collection這一系列產品。我們的產品含有95%的錫,5%的銀和銅,不含有鉛和鎳,不像錫蠟(錫和鉛的混合物)。我們的材料符合歐盟食品接觸條例框架規定的一般規則,保證食品的安全和健康。 產品合成物質:95%的錫,5%的銀和銅 產品保養: 適當的存放:產品應存放於乾燥,無菸,無酸味的地方。 污漬處理:為了達到最好的效果,應將產品放在直線上用軟布打磨。 清洗方式:用肥皂水手洗,用軟布擦乾。(不要用洗碗碟機清洗)對於小的地方,要使用好的工具:在漂洗和乾洗之前,棉花芽可以除去污漬。 小心輕放 Product Information: Tin alloy is a silver-white soft malleable alloy which is used as a major substance to create Loyfar Collection’s products. Our product contains 95% Tin and 5% of Silver and Copper without Lead & Nickle unlike pewter (a mixture of Tin and Lead). Our materials are in compliance with general safety rules as stipulated in the framework regulation EU Food Contact guaranteed safety for food and health. Product Composition: 95% Tin (SN), 5% Silver and Copper Product Care: -Appropriate Storage: The product should be kept in dry, none- smoke and acid-free place. -Tackle Tarnish: For the best result, it should be polish with soft dry cloth in straight line. -Cleaning: It should be washed by hand in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. (DO NOT WASH IN A DISH WASHER.) -For small items, use the right tools: Cotton buds can be used to remove tarnish before rinsing and drying. -Handle with Care

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